15 Tricks How to Write a Viral Blog Post in 2020

How to write a viral blog post - Do you want to know? Here is 15 Tricks that will give you idea how to write post in any niche.

How to write a viral blog post
How to write a viral blog post

How to write a viral blog post Have you ever visited such a website, on which you thought that you should read this post?

Then when you go to the related post, you think that this post should also be read, then after several minutes, you are reading one post after the other, you cannot come out.

All posts seem interesting, which is a type of post, in this post, we will tell you 15 types of posts which easily goes viral.

You can make this kind of post at any time, if you are not even thinking about how to create a post, then you can write these 15 types of posts anytime.

1) List Post

Now whatever your niche is, whether traveling, fashion, education, or technology, the list is available in everything.

Go to education, make a list of books, make a list of coaching centers, make a list of anything like school college, best school, best college, best books, best engineering colleges.

Make a list, do research on your own, make a unique and better list, the post will be rare, people will read and like it.

2) Quick Tips and Tricks

You can give quick tips and tricks on anything, whether it is education, fashion, or anything.

Just like if your website is related to a camera, you can give camera tips and tricks, you can give photography tips and tricks, in the same way, you can give tips and tricks in any niche.

3) Timeline

What happens in the timeline, we catch one thing, such as what is the current situation about any topic.

Like, what are the new changes happening in education and so, it is very interesting and anyone reads such topics.

4) How to or step by step

What happens in How-to and step by step posts, you teach anything, you can create such posts in which you teach something or give a guide about something.

Such as How to Write a blog post, How to Make Money Online, How to Get Subscribers on YouTube, and also Related Below You.

There is a post with how-to and step by step, it works very well and you can create a post of this type in any of the below.

5) Resources and Tools

In this, you provide resources or tools in any of the niche to the peoples.

It may contain related apps, websites, downloads, or any other information related to your niche.

You can provide so many things in it, no matter which is your niche, you can give related or helpful resources and tools for it.

6) Seasonal Post

What happens in the post, Suppose there is a festival like Diwali, Christmas, whichever, you can make a post on it.

In any of the niche, you can write posts like getting discounts on these things in Christmas, wearing such clothes at Christmas, if you have an informational website then you can write why Christmas is celebrated, you can write many such posts.

7) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to write a viral blog post
How to write a viral blog post

FAQ means questions and answers and you can create posts of this type in any of the niches.

People who ask questions on your topic, you can give their answer in your post, this type of post gets ranked quickly and people also read it.

8) Reviews

In reviews, you can review anything, whatever your niche is, you can review related things from it.

If you have education niche, you can review books, if you have a photography niche you can review the camera, if you have a fashion niche, then you can review the fashion brands.

The posts with these reviews go viral and also in which you can share your experience.

9) Secretes

What comes in this is that we share our niche related secrets or secret tips and tricks in our blog, which normally people don't know.

For example, if your niche is blogging, then you can make posts on secret tricks to get traffic to your blog, secret tips to do Seo, you can easily make such type of posts.

10) Mistakes

Mistakes mean that you can create posts on such topics as new bloggers do not do these mistakes, avoid these mistakes in photography, do not do these mistakes while doing makeup, do not do these mistakes while buying cameras.

You can create posts with these types in any of the niche topics, this type of post goes viral and you can easily write a lot of things in it.

11) Original Research 

Original research means any of your research related to your topic i.e. Deep Research. 

If you have a lot of information on any topic, then you can share it in your blog post, which should be your original research.

Whatever you have information related to your niche you can share it.

12) Prediction 

You can do prediction in anything like the cameras will be like this in 2025, what will be the future of blogging in 2021, will the backlinks be useful in 2021, in this way you can do a prediction in any topic and people will read it.

13) Rumors

You can share rumors in the blog posts about your niche, in this, you can tell such rumors are spreading which are not right. 

You can tell about rumors but never get involved in spreading rumors because people will not trust you after that.

14) Experiment 

You can share the experiments you have done in your post like I did this experiment and I got this benefit from it. 

You can create posts of this type in any of the niches that in some way how you increased your traffic on your website or how did you earn money online in some way. 

15) Experience 

In this type of post, you share your real experience like I learned about this, learned these things in my blogging career. 

People also like this type of posts also like to read and read the entire post.

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