How to get free Instagram followers? 3 Tricks to get Active Followers

How to get free Instagram followers - If you want a lot of followers on your Instagram account, then this post is for you. 

How to get free Instagram followers

How to get free Instagram followers 

How to get free Instagram followers? In this post we have told 3 genuine tips that will help you to increase the followers.
In this post we have told how you can bring Active Followers, which will start your earning.

You will get sponsorship when you have more followers on Instagram and your earnings will be started.

Instagram has 2 types of accounts that is a private account and second public public account.

So in this post we will tell you about increasing the public account's followers.

Because there you get more organic reach and more chances of growing.

There is a different method to grow private private account that we will not tell in this post.

1) Profile SEO

How to get free Instagram followers
How to get free Instagram followers

1) Account Topic

Whichever topic you are working on, you should be clear in your mind.

Whichever topic you have interest in or whatever topic you have choosen, you just have to put content on that topic.

2) Username

You have to choose your username related to your keyword and your keyword should be in your username.

This thing if you are making an account for a brand, then it will not be implimented in that condition.

In that condition you will put your brand name.

3) Keyword Enrich Profile Description

Whichever keyword you are working, you have to place it in the username as well as in the description.

By doing this, your reach will increase, whoever searches your keyword, then the chances of your account appearing in the search result are increases.

And whenever someone comes to your page, they get an idea from your page description on which topic is this page.

And if your page's description is well-made, then the chances are that they will follow you.

2) Post SEO

How to get free Instagram followers
How to get free Instagram followers

You don't just have to publish posts like images, videos and done.

While publishing the post, you also have to do SEO of it so that your post reaches as many people as possible, and Instagram promotes it so that more people can reach your post.

These things matter a lot more if you want to grow without paying any money i.e. without paid advertising.

And also remember that Instagram promotes optimized posts more so you have to do SEO of it.

1) High Quality Content

Whatever content you want to publish should be of high quality, people like high quality content.
You will find a lot of posts and videos on the Internet, you can learn by watching them to create quality content.

2) Caption and Description

First of all, you have to write a long description of your content.

If you have made a post on any of your topics, then you have to write a long description on that topic, this will increase your reach a lot.

If you can write the description by yourself then it is fine otherwise you can copy it from Google and also put it.

3) Use proper hashtags

Hashtag is very important if you want organic reach.

What happens when you use hashtags, your post goes into a separate section where the audience of that type is present.

Whenever you use the hashtags, then use  popular hashtags so that the chances are high that your post reaches as many people as possible.

If you want a popular hashtag on your topic, then simply you have to search your keyword on Instagram and open the hashtag section, you will get a list of how many searches the hashtag has.

Use 10–12 popular hashtags, if you use more than that it will look like spammy.

4) Mention your topic related accounts

All you have to do is to mention only the accounts related to your profile or niche, do not mention other accounts.

If your topic is tourism then you have to tag those people who post on tourism.

5) Use Location

Target location based audience by using location option.

You can either enter your location or you can enter the location of the city whose audience you want to target.

Here post SEO is 100% complete, you have to do SEO like this in every post, only then you will start getting results.

3) Viewers Engagement 

How to get free Instagram followers
How to get free Instagram followers

Viewers engagement means to engage more people to  your posts. 

You can put stories to keep your audience engaged in which you can ask questions, put the polls, and you have to publish regular posts.

I hope you have cleared How to get free Instagram followers? simply work on these 3 tips definitely your Instagram account will grow

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