How to Earn Money from Blogging? 8 Best Ways

How to Earn Money from Blogging? in this post we have given 8 ways you can make money from your blog.

How to Earn Money from Blogging
How to Earn Money from Blogging

How to Earn Money from Blogging We will discuss 8 such ways in this post, but when will this happen when your blog will rank well and there will be good traffic on it.

Many of new bloggers or people's who are thinking to start blogging dont know how to earn from Blogging so here are these 8 ways you can make money from blogging

1) Monetize your blog with Ad network

The first way is to monetize and Adsense is the best network for this.

When you get an approval of AdSense and good traffic starts coming to your site, then your earning also starts getting good.

Apart from this, there are a lot of other networks by which you can monetize your websites like and many more.

2) Affiliate Links

If you are writing a post in which you are reviewing or writing about a product, then you can give a link to that product in your post.

If you have a beauty blog, or you have links on electronic things, then you can add links to their posts, What will happen with this if someone buys that product from that link then you will get its commission.

There are a lot of affiliate programs such as the most popular Amazon affiliate, you can also offer affiliate links for hostings.

3) Guest Posts

When your blog gets a very good rank, good traffic will start coming on it, then you will start getting a proposal that we want to post a guest on your blog.

Or you can also post a link to post guest posts from here, If there is good traffic on your website and good rank, then you can charge the amount you want.

Whatever your topic is you will get proposals for guest posts, now it depends on you what kind of post you will accept and how much Amount will charge.

4) Adspot Selling

You must have seen on some of the website that a banner is made like place your ads, so you can create an ad spot on your website when your website becomes popular.

You can sell those ad spot according to you but traffic to your website should be good and ranking should also be good.

5) App Promotion

A lot of new apps are launch daily and new apps have to be promoted.

So the owner who has made the app pays you to promote the app on your website.

Because you have good traffic, you have targeted visitors, just like your blog is about beauty, then visitors coming on your blog, are interested in this topic.

So that related app owner can contact you to promote their app or you can also contact them that I will promote your app and I will charge this amount.

6) YouTube Video Promotion

If your blog starts running very well, then you can contact the new YouTubers related to your topic to promote their videos.

You can feature their YouTube videos or put them in your post and charge for it.

7) Make Ebook

If you have a beauty blog, or technology blog or someone else, then you can make a book about it, you can tell tips and tricks and can share other information also make pdf of it.

You can make a book and sell it on your website or you can sell them on a website like Instamojo and give a link to it on your website.

If there is good traffic on your website daily then good sales will be generated and your earnings will also.

8) Course Creation

You can create courses on your website and you can sell them on your website.

You can charge some amount to enroll that course, it will also earn you.

These 8 ways we have told these are the best ways How to Earn Money from Blogging But before that, there should be good traffic on your website and your blog should also have a good rank.

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