Top 10 Biggest Blogging Mistakes New Bloggers Often Do

In this post, we are going to talk about 10 such blogging mistakes that new bloggers often do, if you will know this then you can avoid these mistakes.

Blogging Mistakes
Blogging Mistakes

Blogging mistakes - here is these 10 mistakes By avoiding these mistakes, you can rank your blog quickly and make your blog better.

1) Do Not Copy Paste

Many new bloggers understand that blogging means copy paste, they think that we will copy someone's content and paste it in our website. 

But what happens is that the trust of the blog is reduced and even Google does not rank it.

2) Post Regularly 

You should publish the post at a fixed interval, publish one post daily or publish two posts in a week, or post one post every week, such as after 7 days or after 15 days, publish the post in a fixed interval.

If you do not have such a rule, then you are making a mistake, whenever you feel like you publish a post, sometimes 2 times in a week and sometimes do not put a post in 15 days, then it will not work like this.

You have to set a fixed duration to publish the post, you will publish the post after that day.

3) Don't place too many ads in a post 

What new bloggers do, they put many Ads in a single post, this is also called Ads spamming. 

What happens with this? If a user is not able to read your content and he goes to another website after annoying, it increases your bounce rate.

4) Answer Comments 

What many bloggers do, comments come on posts, they do not reply to them, this reduces user engagement. 

When a user comments that there is a mistake in your post, it is deficient, then you should reply so that that user will visit your blog again in future.

5) Comment Moderation 

What many bloggers do that comments are coming to their blog and they do not worry about it at all.

Comment moderation is very important because nowadays there are comment bots which will make a lot of comments on your posts which may contain spam links.

Or someone your competitor can make spam comments to derank you, if your comment gets too many spam links then Google can down your ranking. 

6) Stay Focused on Topic 

Writing out of the topic means that your keyword is something else and if you are writing on something else, people will skip reading. 

Therefore, you have to write on the topic you selected in the entire post.

7) Keep Updating 

You do not update any of your posts, you do not see what you have written once, even if you have come to know the mistake, whatever comments are coming that you should add it or not. 

If you never edit it, then you are making a big mistake, keep updating your content continuously.

If you do this, then your content will also be updated and even Google knows that you are updating content, then it will rank above that. 

8) Too many Guest Posts 

What Happens in Guest Posts another bloggers in his own way, writes his related content in your website. 

But the user has come for you and the regular readers who come to your blog because of you.

User wants to hear your things in your language and the guest post he is writing is writing for his benefit. 

You also have a benefit in that, you get money for that, but there should not be too much guest post. 

9) See Analytics 

Ignoring Analytics, if you don't see analytics, then you are making a big mistake.

Where is the traffic coming from your blog, which country is coming from, which has to be reduced, which page was coming earlier, now it is not coming, you have to keep checking everything. 

10) Evergreen Content 

Not writing Evergreen content means that you wrote content on something that happened today, or you wrote content on something that happened a few days ago. 

If you are writing content, in the event that tomorrow it will not be useful, or it will not be used after a month.

If you are writing content then write that it is evergreen, in future also will be useful.

If you write this kind of content, the user engagement will be very high and it takes a little time to rank the post, then you have to write the post accordingly. 

Friends, this was 10 blogging mistakes  which is done by new bloggers, if you were also doing it, please correct it.

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