What is Email Hosting? Top 10 Best Email Hostings

Nowadays blogging on the internet has become so common that everyone knows about web hosting. But do you know there is also email hosting?

What is Email Hosting
What is Email Hosting

So in this post, we will tell you What is email hosting.

So let us tell you a little bit about the difference between web hosting and email hosting.

1) Web Hosting

What happens in web hosting there is a server where you host your site.

When you visit a website, the content that is on that website, the text is done, images, videos, and whatever file you see on this website is stored on a server.

That is why you can access it and can download it.

When you create a website, you have to buy hosting i.e. space where you can host your website and people can browse it.

2) Email Hosting

What is Email Hosting? Now you think, see what email you send or any email you have received the data that it contains, such as text images videos, such attachments will also need space for its storage.

It neither does your phone's space to him nor to the person who sent you the mail.

Just as a website needs hosting, so email needs email hosting. 

There are many email services on the Internet with whom you take email service, this data is stored on their servers.

As the website runs, it has a different protocol such as HTTP, HTTPS, WWW.

Similarly, there is a separate protocol for emails and that is SMTP.

In this case, web hosting and email hosting are different.

But in today's era, when you buy web hosting, it gives you the option is given that you can convert it to simple email hosting.

But what happens to that when you send an email it goes into the spam folder.

Just like you buy web hosting, from the web hosting company Email Hosting is also purchased from the email hosting company.

Like you all know that there are some web hosting companies that provide hosting for free.

Does the email hosting company also offer free hosting? Yes, Google also used to offer free email hosting but has now stopped.

Now gives trial version, after that, you will have to purchase.

Also, understand one thing with this email hosting you are using like Gmail or Yahoo is done, it is not free.

You are using its free version, if you want to do it for your business, then you have to buy business service where you get more space.

Top 10 Best Email Hosting Options For your Business and Rackspace Alternatives.

1) G Suite

This is at number one because G suite is the most popular tool for businesses like custom email and others.

G Suite is really helpful because you can get Gmail for business where you can get an email with no ads, you can replace @gmail.com with your company name.

You can see G Suite plans above where you can get 14 days free trial after you have to choose there package basic, buisness or enterprise as per your requirement.

2) Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workplace is similar to G Suite.

It is Email Hosting service and a bunch of apps used to create, collaborate, and Communicate.

Zoho is pretty much affordable because you can get Email Hosting for multiple domains in just $1 per user/month.

3) Rackspace

Rackspace is Business- Class Email Hosting and Collaboration which provides a couple of different services like Office 365, Email exchange, and Internal Rockspace email.

It is an affordable email hosting option for small business and in this, you get a dedicated Email server that's the great option.

4) Namecheap

Namecheap is a private email hosting.

Namecheap is like a GoDaddy provides high-quality services like domain, web hosting, and email hosting.

Here you can get a completely free 2 month trial of their private email hosting service.

Their starter plan is very cheap you can get 1 mailbox, 5 GB for emails, and 2 GB for files in just $0.99/month/user.

5) Dynadot

Dynadot does provide dedicated Email Hosting options in a pretty good deal beautiful they charge $15.99/yr.

In this, they provide 30MB disk space, unlimited accounts, and 3 GB Bandwidth this is not that much compared to other Email Hostings.

But Dynadot is still good because it provides unlimited email accounts that other provide charge per mailbox.

They don't provide collaboration tools like others, they provide only email hosting.

6) Amazon Workmail

Amazon Workmail is Email Hosting service and other tools.

Amazon Workmail provides a variety of features like migration options, Active directory integration, and many more.

Amazon Workmail charge $4/user/month in which it gives 50 GB Mailbox storage and 30-day free trial up to 25 users.

7) GoDaddy

GoDaddy provides amazing email hosting you should definitely aware of.

I know GoDaddy is so popular for domain and web hosting services.

Their email hosting is also a very good option for your business.

Their plan starts from $1.99 per user per month with 10 GB email storage.

8) Icewarp

Icewarp is basically a collaboration tool for small businesses they just don't focus on email.

They provide services like email and a bunch of other tools.

Their plan starts from €2.90 With 5 GB Email and 20 GB file sync.

9) Microsoft Exchange

So Microsoft Exchange is one of the more popular email options for small businesses in the entire world.

Their plan 1 starts from $4 user/month is secured business class email with 50 GB Mailbox storage per user.

10) Hostinger

Hostinger has email hosting for your online projects.
Hostinger prices are outstanding so business email $0.99 per month with 10 GB email storage which is really affordable.

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