Off page Seo Activities for Link Building in 2020

Off-page seo  activities are nearly that much important as On-Page Seo techniques.

Off page Seo activities
Off-page Seo activities

If two people have written quality content. Then how will Google decide whom to rank, to whom not?
For this, an off-page SEO is used, that is, link building.

What is Link Building?

Link building means suppose my site is But Google does not know whether to rank this site or not.

But if you have shared this website on social sites or have given a link to your site on someone else's website.

And when Google's crawler is scanning his website, he comes to your website through your link.

What happens with this is trust transfer. If the score of that website was 100, then you will get a score of 20 or 30.

No one knows how much score is transferrers but some amount is transferrers and the authority of your site or page increases.

And if you take links from many such high authority websites, then the authority of your website increases.

And as the authority increases, the page rank also increases.

And your website or the page has links to high authority websites and more than your competitor.

Then Google puts your site up and down your competitor's site.

If you would be creating content then you would know what are links?

There are two types of links, one is internal links and the other is external links.

1) Internal Links

Internal links mean that the pages inside your website are linked to each other.

If one of your pages has a good rank, there is a lot of traffic.

And if you give a link to the second page of your website on that page, then its trust score will also increase and traffic will come on that too.

2) External links

What are external links if links are going from your site to another site.

The visitor goes from your site to another site, which has given its link, it is called external link.

To make a link, you have to do an anchor tag or you can also provide a direct link.

The advantage of creating a link in the anchor tag is that you can insert your keyword in the text.

It also has two types

One is do-follow links and the other is no follow link.

1) Do-Follow Links

Do-Follow links, what does it mean? You go to another site with the link you gave.

What will happen when Google's crawler is scanning that page? He goes to that page through a link.

Do follow links means that the site tells the crawlers of Google that you follow it.

2) No-Follow Links

And if it is a no-follow link then Google's crawler will not go there.

So you will say that we will only put do-follow links, no-follow link will never put.

Creating do follow links is a good thing, but you should also create a no-follow link because Google should not feel that you are spamming.

What Normally people do in link building, they keep making only do-follow links.

They feel that our ranking will increase by increasing the follow link.

Maybe your ranking will increase but when Google algorithm updates, then your ranking will decrease immediately.

With this, your traffic will also reduce.

If you make approximately 70% do follow links and 30% no-follow links then it will be perfect.

So what is a perfect link?

The perfect link is that which is an anchor text, it is a do-follow link, from a well-trusted high authority website and within the body content.

If someone gives you a link inside the body, then there is no better thing than that.

You have to find good high authority websites for link building.

How will they do it? There are many tools for this, you can see the backlinks of competitors in it.

Where he has taken backlinks from? you should also try to get backlinks from there.

And if you follow the same strategy, what will happen the ranking of both will come around.

Therefore, adopt the strategy of your competitors and also add your strategy.

Suppose Your competitor has made 80 backlinks, 50 of them are from high authority websites.

So what should you do, make backlinks on 40 of the 50 sites and make 40 on your behalf which is high authority sites.

This will increase your score and your ranking will also increase.

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