How to Write Seo Friendly Content in 2020 Latest 10 Tricks

How to Write Seo Friendly Content? Here are the Top 10 latest tricks You should know while writing SEO friendly articles.

How to Write Seo Friendly Content
How to Write Seo Friendly Content
How to write SEO friendly content? if this is your question then you are on the right post.

In this post, we have given you 10 Tricks to write SEO friendly articles and if you follow these tricks your post will be on the first page of Google.

1) Do proper research on your niche

How to Write Seo Friendly Content
How to Write Seo Friendly Content

If you do not research your niche or keywords properly, then your article will not be ranked.

When the writer also writes, he will have to do proper research in your niche.

2) Take a start in writing the content yourself.

If you have the credibility to write you should write yourself.

There is a lot of difference in writing post yourself and hiring content writers.

3) Offer high prices to content writers.

How to Write Seo Friendly Content
How to Write Seo Friendly Content

Content writers do not have any interest in your website, they do this for an equivalent amount of money.

If you offer a low price then they will not take interest on your site.

So they will not be able to write such effective and quality content.

4) Don't Provide Incomplete or irrelevant information to the reader

Incomplete in the sense you did not cover your topic.

Irrelevant in the sense that the intension through which the user came to your website was not found in the information.

Because of this the user will go back and go to another website. 

What will happen because of this your bounce rate will increase and Google will derank your site.

5) Don't  Make lengthy paragraphs

In post lengthy paragraphs are not acceptable it bothers the readers to jump out the site.

More than 3 lines are not suitable in the paragraph but you should try to keep only 1 or 2 lines in a paragraph.

While reading the article users needs to stop.

The user will not read if there are large paragraphs. even, information is interesting.
So try to make short paragraphs.

6) Proper placement of Keyword's

Proper placement of your keywords has to be done because the keyword is the only thing that Google crawlers identify your content exist on the internet.

Proper placement of keywords is very important to rank your post on google.

You should have to keep a good Keyword density as a seo point of view.

The keyword plays a major role in your content.

7) Proper editing to present article lightly.

If you write 5000 or 6000 words article then the user will definitely take a bye-bye to your site.

It is good that you explain your points in fewer words, explain in tables or graphs.

Show attractive content to the user that they will not get bored so that user engagement can be maintained.

8) Spend more time in writing

Give more time for writing. 

Customize your post properly, decide which portion is to be kept where, review it, improve it if needed.

Do not publish without proofreading.

9) Make a standard framework for each post.

You have to create a standard framework for your post and in every post, you have to use the same framework.

For example, first the heading, then the image, then a paragraph in which is information in the brief about what will you tell in the post.

In the last part conclusion, final words like this.

If you make your own framework then it will look like a professional and professional shows good Impression on the reader.

10) Follow long term strategy

Working on short term strategy is not good.

While writing a content for blog post you should keep in mind that it takes some time to rank on Google.

So you have to write SEO friendly content which can be searched anytime.

You should have to do Keyword research like this.

You can read our post Top 10 Ahrefs Alternatives for Keyword Research if you want paid and free Keyword research tool.

These are Top 10 Tricks How to Write Seo Friendly Content in 2020 for blog posts.

You can also apply the same strategy for affiliate marketing content writing.

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