How to do YouTube SEO? Advanced YouTube SEO for 2020

How to do YouTube SEO? If you are not getting views on YouTube videos then you should have to apply Advanced YouTube SEO tips for 2020.

How to do YouTube SEO
How to do YouTube SEO

Many new people are uploading videos on YouTube for months, but their videos do not get views.

Up to 10,50,100 or 1000 views only and you have tried many things, Shared a lot of videos but Nothing works and you get tired.

If you are tired like this So, in this post, we are going to tell you practical tips about How to do YouTube SEO?.

So if you follow these tips, then within the month, your channel will grow and the views will start increasing.

But there are some conditions for this, people should watch your video lest people start saying the video, what a nonsense video it is.

People who come to watch the video, they should get that thing in the video.

The second thing thumbnail should not be professional.

 Thumbnails should not look like this that people think he is a completely new YouTuber and he does not know anything.

So make the thumbnails carefully and professional.

In today's time, how do you get views on YouTube, so, for this, there are 4-5 factors that you have to understand.

1) Browse Feature

What is the browse feature?
The maximum views of the most popular channels are through the browse feature.

If anyone has watched any video in your channel recently in 1 month, then you upload a new video to the future or today so it appears on their screen.

Your video appears when he browses YouTube or he scrolls through the YouTube page.

Here we tell you one thing that you will get views from the browse feature only if you have good views on the previous videos.

2) Suggested Videos

A suggested video is a feature that makes any video viral on YouTube.

When you made a video of yourself and some other YouTube also made a video on this topic. So those users who have seen that video, their video also starts appearing in users Suggestions, this is the Suggested video feature.

If the thumbnail of your videos is good, watch time is good and likes well, then YouTube will also show your videos to those viewers who have seen the videos the same topic.

Sometimes it happens that weavers are watching a video of an old Youtubers, so on the right side or below them your video is also comes in Suggestions.

If you have also made a video on the same topic, which users are watching.

And when is it in the Suggestions like we told you if your video has good watch time, likes then.

But if your channel is new then how will people access your videos?

People share more on social media for this.
Do not share on social media if your video is not of their interest.

What they will do? they will open the video and if they do not like it, they will exit.

You will get that view, but you will not get watch time and Youtube will not suggest your video to anyone.

So the new Youtubers who share videos only share with those people, who will see your video till the end.

To reach the maximum number of people, you will have to do SEO for Youtube video.

If you do not know what is SEO then you can read our post in which we have told about this in-depth.

What is SEO- Search Engine optimization

For advanced SEO, tell you in the brief that you have to put the title for it, insert the description from it, insert the tags.

You will do all these things well only then your video will come in search results and views will come on your video.

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