How to Build Backlink? Guide to Link Exchange in 2020

How to Build Backlink if you want to rank in top 1 on Google then you need to know methods to make backlinks in 2020.

How to Build a Backlink
How to Build Backlink
How to build backlink in 2020 that may rank you on the top page of Google.

So in this post, we have given you one of the best methods used to get a quality backlink, and that is link exchange. 

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What is link exchange?

So the first question comes, what is link exchange.

If you link to a high authority website, then the authority of your website also starts increasing.

So if you take a link from someone and in return you give a link to it on your website, this is called link exchange.

Why would someone do a link exchange with me?

So he also needs a link in the way you also need, he also wants to be ranked and you also want to be ranked.

And relevancy is very important in that. So simply you email them and they reply to your email.

You put their link on your website and they put your link on their website.

This system works in this way and you rank your website.

So it is important to have some things like

  • You should have a good well-designed website and also have quality content.
  • Also, the domain authority and page authority should be good.
  • Your site should be relevant to which you want to link.

 Why others link to you?

Both have aim to get their website ranked and traffic.

If you want to get a backlink from a high authority website, then they will expect the same from you.

From which you are taking the link, they will definitely see whether your website is relevant to their website.

So if you expect them to give you a link, then these things should be on your website which we have said above.

How to find them?

There are many ways you can find your Relevant Websites for link exchanges.

You search your keyword on Google, from which you will get the list of top websites.

You can contact them by visiting those websites and contact them.

And another way is to search Google like

inurl:blog"Your Keyword"
intitle:blog"Your Keyword"

If you search your keyword in this format in Google, then you will get a list of your relevant sites.

Apart from this, you can also use paid tools like Link Assistant and Buzzstream to find relevant sites related to you.

So if you want to get a backlink from someone, first try to contact him.

And when you find his email or some other way.

So talk to them about it and how?

  • Talk to him in a formal and friendly way.
  • Mention what you will give in return.
  • To impress them, you have to analyze their website and find their mistakes and notify them.
  • Instead of guest posts, you try for the link only because both of them get the benefit.

It is not necessary that you tell any of their mistakes.

Apart from this, you can give them an idea that it is missing in your content, and tell them if you add to it then your content will be strong.

When you find best site for backlink by using these methods.

Then you have to study their content and you have to find Mistakes in it.

And when you have done this, you make a proposal that you will email to them.

So this was our post on the link exchange and in this, we have told you in full details what the link exchange is and how to build backlink.

If you follow this method, you can definitely know how to build a backlink from anyone.

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