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Top 10 Legit Directory Submission Sites in 2020

Directory Submission Sites are helps to rank your website in 2020 you just have to follow this procedure.

directory submission sites
Directory submission sites

The new people always have a question whether we can get our website ranked through directory submission sites.

The answer is yes and also no. Yes, it depends on the directory submission sites.

Changes come along with time so maybe there are changes an on directory submission sites.

But in this post, you will know what are those websites, with the help of which you can get your website indexed and ranked.

Normally directories are considered spam. But this is not the case, some directories are legit and some spam.

Just you should come to know this difference.

How will it be known that which directory is legitimate and which is spam?

We will see in this post how to identify legit directories.

So the first question is what is a directory?

So the directory is such a website, a platform where the links of helpful information, helpful resources displayed by directories to the user.

This means that if the user needs any information, then they go to the directories and in their relevant department and go to the websites and collect information.

Spam Directories

There is a slight difference between Fake / Spam directories and Legitimate directories which need to be known before indexing your sites.

Spam directories easily allow you to enter and access them and cracking is also easy.

Fake directory submission service are provided on freelancing sites like I will create 50 or 5000 directories submission links and so.

They are spam websites that are created automatically through the help of tools.

Mostly spam directories are free directory Submission but some spam directories  also charge you. 

You have to check the traffic of the site by looking at its design and security to determine whether it is fake or legitimate.

Legit Directories

Legit Directories have tough filters to enter them.

They respond to you very late and the process is very lengthy to review.

Their normal duration to give a reply is 1 week to 1 month and 1 month to 3 months.

Legit directories highs the authority of your sites and provide quality links.

Also, Increase trust and traffic of your website.

Legal directories charge you to register and their charges are high.

But this will impact to high change in domain authority.

Legit directories have two types, free and paid.

For free directory Submission sites take more time from you and in paid take money and submit website to directories fast.

Example of Legit Directories

How to find Legit Directories?

You can simply use different search operators.

Inspect each directory deeply and find which is spammy and which is legit.

So the first thing to be checked is whether the site is secure or not and then the website traffic has to be checked.

After that, see if the logo and design of the site are professional or not.

You must check the domain authority of that directory submission sites.

List of Legit Directory Submission Sites

Sr.No. Site Description
DA 92
DA 89
DA 67
DA 61
DA 52
DA 51
DA 52
DA 47
DA 58
DA 53
DA 55

This guide was about taking links from high authority legitimate directory submission sites.

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