What is SEO- Search Engine optimization

What is SEO? If you want to get a million traffic on your Youtube Videos or on your Website then you must know about SEO.

What is SEO

What is SEO

So what is search engine optimization?

If you have a YouTube channel and you are not getting views or you have a website.  

And there is no traffic Or visitors are not visiting your website.

So how can we help you to increase the number of visitors to this post?

So the first question is what is SEO?
The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Now suppose you have created a YouTube channel or developed a website.

Now published a video on YouTube or posted an article on the website.

Now how will you spread it in the world?
Mean, how will you spread it across the Internet and bring the visitors to your video or website article.

So, friends, there are 3 ways

The first way you will post it on social media like on Facebook wall, on Facebook pages, on Twitter, in all your Whatsapp groups and there are many platforms and say  Watch my video or read the article.
This is the first method and with this, you will get close to 200,300 viewers.
The second way is to run its ads i.e. paid aids.
Such as Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Instagram Ads and or Google AdWords.
Or, run sponsored ads in videos on YouTube, there are many such paid ways to bring traffic to your YouTube videos and articles.
The problem in that is that it will cost a lot of money and new YouTubers and bloggers will not be able to work on it.
The third way is organic search.
With organic search, you can take millions of views and that too for free. How that? Suppose you have to search for something on the internet, what will you do?
You will first go to Google.com or Yahoo.com, there are other search engines like this, you will go there and type keywords.
Now, what is a keyword? What you type inside Google's search bar is called a keyword.

What is SEO and how it works?

So let's say you searched what is Seo. Now it becomes the responsibility of Google to show you the list of entire websites.
Now how does Google become this list? How does Google decide who to show on the first position and who is in the second position?
Here SEO works, so how should we optimize our website that our post is also in the top 10 of those results?
By searching one particular keyword all over the world, if our website comes in the first result and all traffic on our website.
As if you have created a website, but now who will tell Google our website is on which particular topic, above which particular category.
So Google has created a tool for this Google Search Console.
Whenever you create a new website, first of all, you submit it to Google Search Console.

What will happen with this, Google will analyze your site and show your site in its search results.

Whenever you publish a post on your website, Google's crawlers will come in your post and rank it accordingly.
Suppose if you rank any of your keywords then it will not always be in the first position.
Someone else like your competitor will bring your keyword down and get his keyword ranked. All this happens according to Google's algorithm.
Google's algorithm is absolutely secret, if anyone understands this algorithm, then he can rank his poor websites on good keywords.
And if people start to understand how Google algorithm works, then Google keeps changing the algorithm from time to time.
So that Google gives correct information to its visitors and those who have searched will get the same quality content.

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