What is Advanced SEO

What is Advanced SEO? When you publish a post on your website but there is no traffic then you must know about advanced SEO.

What is Advanced SEO
What is Advanced SEO

So when you have created a website or you want to publish a post on it, So first you have to find keywords for it.

If you write a post on any keyword, then that keyword will not have any value, then no one will come to your website and it will not profit you anything.

There are many ways to find keywords. There are many tools. If you want to know about those tools then you must read this post. Top 10 Ahref Alternatives for Keyword research.

There is another simple method and that is Google.
Whenever you search for a keyword, Google gives you a list or some suggestions for similar keywords.

Along with that keyword, people search for them as well. So you can target such keywords in your article, which will rank your post and will also bring good traffic.

You do not have to focus on just one keyword, you also have to target its similar keywords. Only then traffic will come to your website from all sides.

Advanced SEO has two parts first is On-page Seo and the second one is Off-page Seo.

1) On-page Seo

Which is your home page or pages what are you writing on it is very important, from the SEO point of view?

So the first thing that comes when you are writing content is the title of that page and what is the URL.

To make you rank your website, it is very important that you create a Seo friendly title and make the URL of that page also so friendly.

If you put xyz.com/82542 such numbers in your URL, then it is not an SEO friendly URL at all.

Your URL should contain your keywords and URL length should not be too much.

 Similarly, you have to insert your keyword in your description as well and with this, its related keywords have to be inserted in the description.

All this comes under On-page Seo means that what you do inside your website or inside a page of a website is called On-page Seo.

There are more factors in the page save, such as the loading speed of the website.

If your website has a less loading speed, then this is an example of good SEO.

If the loading speed of your website is low, it will also reduce the bounce-back rate.

2) Off-page SEO

Now comes the second thing, off-page save, link building, backlinks, it all comes under the page save.

Off-page save helps 50% to rank your website or page.

So now tell you what is off-page Seo?
Link building is the biggest thing under off-page SEO. When you put a link to your website or post on a high authority website.

So when Google's crawlers come to your website through their website, then the authority of your website also starts increasing in the eyes of Google.

This is called a backlink, the more backlinks you make, and the quality backlinks you make, that is from the high DA PA website.

So the authority of your website also increases and it helps to rank your website.

If you just make more backlinks then Google society thought you are spamming, and it will penalize your website.

So you have to make some more quality backlinks so that your website is safe and does not rank down.

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