10 Tricks To Complete 1000 Subscribers On YouTube

1000 Subscribers on YouTube and 4000 hours watch time are very important things to monetize Youtube channel. So here is 10 Tricks To get Youtube 1000 Subscribers free.

Subscribers on YouTube
Subscribers on YouTube

Hi guys many of you have started Youtube channel but according to YouTube policy about monetization you need 1k Subscribers.

You should read our post and Follow this tricks to get more Subscribers on youtube.

In this post we have gives 10 awesome tricks that will help you to get Youtube 1000 Subscribers free.

To get Youtube 1000 Subscribers you need to do hard work in initial days.

1000 free Youtube subscribers and 4000 hours watch time are required for Youtube monetization.

1) You should be satisfied with your video

Before publishing the video, ask yourself how much you like this video.

If your heart says that I may 100% agree with this video.

If you are 100% satisfied with your video, with your work then publish that video only.

Yes Guys, if you are not self-satisfied then how can you please others with your video.

And the public is not so stupid that you will make anything and put it and you will get subscribers.

2) Tell Viewers to Subscribe your Channel

We must have seen in many cases, viewers watch videos and take knowledge of videos, entertains, learns what is being told, and then leaves or start watching another video.

Now it becomes your responsibility that you remind the viewers in the first 1-2 minutes that if you like this video, then subscribe to the channel.

And in the end, when you are finishing the video, also remind them at that time by speaking, please subscribe to the channel if you like the video.

3) Make Subscribe and press bell button intro if possible

If this is possible then put an intro with subscribe and press bell button.

There are many types of intro running, you can also create subscribe and press bell icon intro for your channel.

Or put scrolling text in which you can write please subscribe, channel, and press bell icon.

4) Try to Communicate with Viewers

Guys who are your viewers, make friendship with them, communicate with them, interact with them so that they become your friends.

Then they will Love you more and will become your fans.

And this will only happen when you like their comments, reply to their comments.

If you keep doing these things in the initial days, then your viewers will be connected with you and will not unsubscribe your channel.

5) Do Giveaways on your channel

When you have some subscribers, then not very big but make small giveaways on your channel.

And put the conditions of giveaways to subscribe to the channel, like the videos, and share them with your friends.

What will happen with this, those who watch video videos will be converted into subscribers, and if the likes increase, then the chances of the videos becoming viral will increase.

6) Do Collaboration

6th trick is to collaborate. If you can not do a collaboration with big Youtubers. 

Never mind doing a collaboration with your equal Youtubers.

Both of them put videos with each other on their channels. Give a link to their channel in your video and tell them to do so as well.

And say in the video to viewers that you can see their channel too. 

What will happen with this, their subscribers will come to your channel.

Collaboration helps a lot to increase subscribers.

7) Make Different URL Format

We share the URL of our channel in many places or give it in the description.

So what happens is that we give only the URL of the channel.

So you create the format of the URL that when people open it, then the "Confirm Channel Subscription" window comes up.

It does not appear in every browser or many apps but in browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

This increases the probability that someone can subscribe to your channel.

8) Use Outro In Videos

Use outros. You will see when the video ends, the subscribe button comes on the videos.

So that people remember it, they also have to subscribe.

9) Try Answering questions on Quora

You must have heard about Quora. Create an account in it, keep answering the queries of the category of your channel.

You can also embed a link to that video, hyperlink it. 

There is a lot of traffic on Quora, so a lot of traffic will also come to your videos.

10) Use other Social media handles

Similarly, the last trick is to use other social media. 

Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all these places, share your channel or your videos.

To get 4000 hours watch time on YouTube must check our post 10 Tricks To Complete 4000 hours Watch Time on YouTube

If you follow our tricks then your 1000 subscribers on YouTube will be completed very soon.

Many people trying to get Fake Subscribers Youtube by doing wrong ways like Youtube subscribers exchange, Youtube subscribers app, or by free youtube Subscribers app but these are not according to YouTube policy and you can not grow your channel by these fake methods.

Many new YouTubers trying to find another way to get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube fast like Subscriber increaser, Auto Subscribers, Subscribers on YouTube hack Buy Subscribers, or Youtube subscriber bot.

But all these are illegal ways and this violation of Youtube policy.

If you want to get Real Subscribers and Boost youtube Subscribers just follow our these 10 Tricks.

This is the best way to get Subscribers on YouTube and we assure you that it will Grow youtube Subscribers very fast.

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