Top 10 Best On-Page Seo techniques for 2020

On-Page Seo techniques If you are writing articles but they are not ranking on Google then You must have to follow these On-Page Seo techniques for 2020.

On-page SEO techniques

On-page SEO techniques

In this post we have shared 10 best On-Page Seo factors which will help you to increase ranking in Google.

Top 10 On-page SEO techniques

1) Use short URL for your pages

Which one is better? Is a really short URL will help you to rank your pages faster?
So answer is yes, in short URL you should put your keyword in that and that's the trick.

The short URL is eye-catching and the viewer will easily get the idea that to what content belongs to.

2) Use your primary Keyword in URL

If you are writing an article on on-page SEO then your URL should be

So does this actually help you to rank in google? So the answer is no this will not help you to rank but it has some other advantages.

When your URL is getting shared your URL will be easily eye-catching and easily identified what article belongs to.

This will increase traffic on your website.
And another advantage is exact matching keyword is in your naked URL without anchor text.

3) Use your main Keyword in Headline (H1)

Its main advantage is that it is more user experienced based.

You should also use your main keyword in Subheadings.

4) Add external links to high authority websites

Adding external links to other sites is not a ranking factor in Google algorithm but this will enhance the experience of users.

5) Add Internal links to other pages that you want to rank

Internal links are the links that linked to the page on a domain to page on the same website.

So list out the pages of your website that ranking on google and give the internal links to other pages that are not ranking.

This trick will improve the rank of other pages of your website.

6) Reoptimize titles on underperforming page one rankings

Make sure to optimize your page URL and meta description in such a way that they contain your Keyword.

Also, go to google and do research on top ranking pages to see their titles and description to get an idea of why they are ranking in top.
So you should create in a similar way.

7) Create in Depth Articles

Long content is the best strategy for on-page Seo techniques.
You should create in-depth articles for this and your article length should belong.

But how long it should be? It should not be so long but it should cover all factors you want to cover in it.

Find the subtopics for your keyword and cover these topics in your article.

8) Use Modifiers in Your Title

Modifiers are add on words in your base keyword.

Find related keywords for your base keyword and put them in your title.

9) Don't have Slow loading pages

Slow loading pages increase the bounce-back rate for your website.

You should have to optimize your pages in such a way that they should load faster.

Go to the site audit tools and Analyze your website and check the loading speed of your website.

10) Improve Visual readability

Google always wants to provide a good user experience to visitors.

You should optimize your website as that user can easily read an article and understand that.

These are some On-Page Seo techniques for 2020 we shared with you.
To rank on the first page of google on page seo plays very much important role.

With proper on-page seo and good quality Content your website or pages will rank faster in google.

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