10 Tricks To Complete 4000 hours Watch Time on YouTube

Friends, the most important thing to be successful on YouTube is that you should get maximum watch time on your videos.As much as possible, only then will your videos be viral.

Increase Watch Time On YouTube
Increase Watch Time On YouTube

Most new people are thinking to open a new youtube channel or some of you have already opened.
You all have questions in your mind such as

  • What is the fastest way to get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers?

  • How much Watch time do you need on YouTube?

  • How much watch time required for Youtube monetization?

  • When will YouTube monetize my channel?

  • How to monetize Youtube channel?

  • Youtube monetization new rules 

  • YouTube monetization eligibility

And according to YouTube's policy, the sooner your channel gets 4000 watch time and 1000 subscribers complete, the sooner your channel will be monetized.

When you complete these requirements for Youtube monetization, the you can Apply for Youtube monetization.

That is why watch time is an important factor and it is very important to increase it.

So friends, if you do not have a good watch time on your videos, your channel does not have a good watch time.

So in this post, we have told 10 such amazing tricks, which will give a 100% increase in your watch time.

1) Make the First Minute of Video Interesting

Viewers have a short span of attention on the videos.

This means that very quickly people will see how this video or channel creator is.

useless? good? Brilliant or giving us the correct information or not? He decides all this in the first minute.

Maximum Viewers decides in the first minute and quits videos if they do not like it.

So the first trick is to give very good content in the first minute, talk very well.

Say professionally, give more time for the first-minute content.

The first minute should be the impression that viewers would like to see more of the video.

2) Do Scripting your videos

Yes guys, you should be scripting your videos, don't come without a script.

Scripting is very important, do scripting so that people do not get bored and watch the video long.

Do the scripting so that the suspense that you have kept, only after having 60% of the video, tell it.

If you tell the main thing in the beginning, then people will not watch it till the end.

3) Always say please watch this video till the last.

Yes, always tell the speakers that please watch this video till the last so that you can get complete information in a good way.

It has been seen that the watch time of the video is greatly increased by your speaking like this.

4) Make videos from 5 to 15 minutes

In today's current date, less than 5 video is not correct according to YouTube's algorithm.

And secondly, do not make more than 15 minutes because people will get bored.

No viewer watches more than 15 minutes of video in a week. So make a video of 5 to 15 minutes, it is better.

5) Show photos in between videos.

When you are speaking in front of the camera, do not constantly show your face, between this show visuals and photos.

So that people keep their attention and people don't get bored.

6) Try to be humorous

Use Sense of Humar while talking.

You will see that the big Youtubers use more of a sense of humor.

7) Change Camera angle

Continuously does not make videos from the same angle. 

Keep changing the angle between, or zoom in while editing and add a different effect.

This attention grab prolongs.

8) Tell about your other Videos

In your video, tell the wives about your videos which are good.

Give a link to those videos in the I button or in the description if they relate to this video.

9) Be Energetic and Happy

Always be happy and be energetic.

If you remain unhappy, without the presence of mind, then people will be bored with you.

10) Try to look Good

Try to look good in videos, wear nice clothes. And always keep the quality of the video good.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, then your channel watch time will definitely increase.

Most of the new YouTubers trying to complete Youtube 4000 hours watch time and 1000 Subscribers fast and illegal ways like Youtube watch time buy, Youtube watch time bot, Youtube watch time increaser.

But these ways will not help you to complete 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers.

If you will follow our these 10 Tricks to increase Youtube watch time you will definitely boost your channel watch time by 10x.

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