What is Black hat seo and its techniques for 2020

Black Hat SEO If you don't want to get your website penalized from Google search console then you should know about black hat seo.

Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO

Types of SEO

White Hat SEO

In White Hat Seo we do not use any short cut method to rank your website.
In White Hat Seo, we save the two pages of our website properly and post quality content.

With this Google ranks our website automatically. But it takes some time.
In White Hat Seo, we rank our website according to the Guidelines of Google Search Console.

It will take a little longer for the website to be ranked by the white hat seo.

Suppose the website is ranked by white hat seo, then its chances are high to remain stable.
White hat seo is good for long lasting prospective.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat seo is also known as Unethical seo.

In Black Hat Seo, quick and short methods are done to rank the website in the search engine.

Black hat seo Expert people provides their black hat seo course to bloggers.

But black hat seo is not good for anyone which cause you get blocked from Google.

Black hat seo techniques

1) Link Forming

If you give backlinks to someone on your sites and they give you backlinks on their website, then it is called link forming.

It happens in link forming that groups of websites are interlinking among themselves.

And when Google comes to know that you are forming links in this way, then Google penalize your website.
This downs your website ranking.

2) Hidden Text

Hidden text is what you hide, but Google finds out.

What happens in it you head to text or links to manipulate Google. And you force Google to increase your ranking.

But when Google comes to know, it penalize your website.

3) Gateway or Doorway Pages

What happens in this is that people create low quality pages to rank their keywords.

When someone searches the keywords, these pages start showing and when they open these pages, they do not get the original content.

Usko in pages ke through original content pe jana hota hai.

This is also against the guidelines of Google Webmaster Tools. If Google finds out, then he can do your website penalized.

4) Cloaking

What happens in it? You are coding your website in such a way that when a user comes on your site, then you show it different content.

And when Google crawlers come to your website, you show them different content.
This is also against guidelines of google webmaster.

5) Keyword Stuffing

When you write the same keyword again and again in your post. And overload the content with keywords, this is called keyword stuffing.

This is also against guidelines of google webmaster tool.

It will rank your website but after you comes in problem.

 Grey Hat Seo

What Happens in Gray Hat Seo People use White Hat Seo 95% and Black Hat Seo uses 5%.

Together with this it becomes grey hat seo
The gray hat sleeping technique is also not recommended.

This will not completely block your website. But this is not useful for our website.

Negative Seo

Many people use Negative Seo to rank down their competitors websites.

Many people create spam backlinks on their competitors' sites.

Which brings down the ranking of their competitors' websites. That's the wrong thing and totally against guidelines of google webmaster tool.

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