5 Unique way to create high quality backlinks

5 Unique way to create high quality backlinks These five steps will help you to create high quality backlinks to your website.

5 Unique way to create high quality backlinks
5 Unique way to create high quality backlinks

Step 1): Find out what people are linking to

The first step to getting excellent backlinks is to exclude sites that already have great backlinks and research their link profiles. 

The argument is that good content attracts links because site owners are forced to share it with their audience.

 So in this first step, you are looking for pages that have 'lotta links' because they have already been proven to be valuable content.

Follow this procedure to find out which blog posts attract the most inbound links. 

Note: For this entire blog post, we use the fictional example of Jim's Pet Shop, which focuses on online pet links, traffic and his dog's toy line.

Install SEO for Firefox Toolbar (it's free!)
Do a search on Google (for this example, I'm running a query for "dog toys"), select the "Show options" button (below the search box, left) and click "Blog" from the categories
Click on the "100" option (below the search box), which will give you the top 100 search results
Once resolved, click on the "CSV" link (below the search box), and export the result to the Firefox file for SEO, but for this practice, we only want data for the "Y" column! Page link, ”so you can delete the rest.

Sort the list with "Y"! The page link is "Large to Small." Your CSV results should look like this:

We now have a collection of all blog posts about "dog toys". The next step in the process of building quality backlinks is to see which sites link to these posts.

Step 2): Find out who is linking

Now that we know what ingredients are link magnets, let us know who is linking. 

Why is “who” important? Because the owners of this website qualify themselves as link prospects and are willing to link to a certain type of content, in this case "dog toys" refers to the content so that they are able to connect about the contents of our dog toys.

So to identify "us", simply drag the CSV dashboard above, select the top posts that link to each, and pore them into their link profiles.

 This can be done using the "Yahoo Page Link" button in SEO for the Firefox Toolbar, 

It generates a SERP list of all links pointing to this page, which removes any internal site links from the root domain, which look like this:

After running this analysis for link possibilities, there are two sites in the link profiles of these top dog toy posts: Doggyz.com and FunstuffGuardpress.com. 

Due to their willingness to link dog-related content, they are great candidates for the Campaign Trich campaign (included in Stage Five).

Now, if this is not yet clear, this move is intended to mobilize a list of eligible opportunities for ach treach. 

This can be done with multiple data columns in a simple spreadsheet. For my own list of treatment lists, I want to collect data:
Target Website URL: Notice the website name and the in-depth linking link
Toolbar PageRank: Here I use TBPR to sort by relative value (loose)

Contact Name: It is important to personalize your letter of treatment letter; "To What It May Concern" is an email addressing the lazy and losers

Personal Email: If you do not wish to ignore or delete your emails, do not send an email to the email address @ blackhole or contact us.

 I've explained how to get a personalized email, and in this article about 12 advanced strategies for finding someone's email address.

Social Media Profile: What is their Twitter or LinkedIn handle? Do not know? Discover.

Notes: Additional information about the blogger or website can help make my ach treat letters more personal

Also, keep in mind that bloggers are consistently on staff in most blogs. So I recommend

Step 3): Find out why people are linking

To create linkable content, you need to decide why certain content pieces attract the link.

 Consider the blog posts in the example above, and see if we can figure out why these five blog posts about dog toys attract more than 11 links. Are there some common elements, some common threads?

It just so happens that the clues are very clear in this case: Top Link Artists are all about weird, weird, weird or crazy dog ​​toys.

This is not really surprising because life is so mundane, so people tend to prefer the simple. So creating odd or funny posts or videos is often a perfect way to attract links.

The dog mustache toy

Michael Wick Dog Choo Toy

I mean, how can you not share or link that Michael Vicky dog ​​doll picture, okay?

So if you own our virtual gym's pet store and you are hunting for content ideas that attract links, writing a post about funny dog ​​toys seems like a great strategy. Which brings us to our next step.

Step 4): Create a Biot

To attract links, such as top linkable posts, you need to create something of equal value. Now, I'm not saying you should copy it completely, and I'm not saying you need to reinstall the wheel. You can do exactly that, but make it yours.

 If it's a simple widget, create a widget. If it's a strange list, make a strange list. The thing is, the content you create should be valuable and interesting to your target market.

Take, for example, the premise that people love about funny dog ​​toys. Now, there are many ways you can turn that intelligence into an effective content strategy.

 For articles I understand based on effort and difficulty, I have put together some ideas:

Easy: Post a blog about the weird dog doll: It's not entirely original, but I'm sure it will attract a stray link or two.

Tough: Make an article about "10 strange dog toys that your dog loves." This may involve more work, but more potential for links.

Bad Hard !!: Get your big brain on fire, get super creative and get people to vote on their pet store website with bizarre dog toys, and the top draws will win the prize. 

You create a contest page (with contest details, photo galleries and voting parts), write a blog post announcing the contest, and the winner pictures, along with the names of the dogs and their owners.

Now which of these ideas is the most intriguing? Which links do you think will attract the most? The thing here is that the effort matches the results, so I listed each idea by level of labor. 

In my experience, if I work hard on content, more links will be attracted. This is not rocket science, but it is worth mentioning.

Step 5): Pimp your content

Okay, so it's time to market your content through blog marketing.

 You are going to meet site owners, key influencers and bloggers in the backlink profile for sites you have collected from the second stage of your pitch list.

 Now, you don't ask about X in your request to link to your page. 

This method is very clear and heavy. Instead, you are going to use a more nuanced approach to writing to educate them about your content and ask if they are willing to "share" with their audience, as they have done with such content

To give you a better idea of ​​what I'm talking about, here's how to sample a letter for Jim's Pet Store using the "Walkie Dog Toy Photo Contest" idea. Note: This email template is based on the successful re-treatment letters I have used previously.

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