Top 10 Ahrefs Alternatives for keyword Research in 2020

Ahrefs Alternatives You Should Know If You Are Looking For Free SEO Tools. Here are the top 11 best alternatives to ahref.

Most of the people's trust in Ahref, SEMrush, and Moz tool, But there are more alternatives you can use for your SEO.

If we talk about ahref, what happens in ahref is his crawler goes and checks what is the top 10 ranking, What is their authority.

Also check where they got backlinks, what is their trust flow and what is the domain authority of that backlinks.

After deciding all these factors, he tells that how much the keyword's difficulty is.

To evaluate a competitor

Ahrefs competitive analysis
Ahrefs competitive analysis

When you search a keyword that you want to rant Ahref tool gives you the top 10 pages that are already ranking on it.

It also gives their search volume and their number of backlinks. It helps you to analysis on your competitor's sites.

Ahref tool helps you to find out what your competitors are doing to rank on this Keyword.

Keyword research

Ahrefs Keyword research
Ahrefs Keyword research

Ahref generates millions of keyword ideas across 170 countries.

If you search any keyword in Ahref you will get exact keyword difficulty,  monthly search volume, return rate.

Ahref keyword explorer also gives you information about global search volume, exact CPC of keyword, and keyword ideas.

Backlink research

Ahrefs backlink research
Ahrefs Backlink research

Ahref is the best tool for Backlink research because it gives you in-depth results of websites.

You can find out backlinks of your competitor's sites and pages.

It will give you a number of backlinks and also gives you DA and PA of those sites.

Definitely, it will help you to beat your competitors.

Track keyword rank

Ahrefs rank tracking
Ahrefs rank tracking

In Ahref you can see ranking history of all of your pages for any keyword.

Your keyword position is moving up or going down you can see in Ahref tool.

It gives you the exact number of positions of your keyword on Google.

Ahref pricing
Ahref pricing
Ahref pricing

So we have found some beat free and paid ahref alternatives for keyword research.

1) Ubersuggest



Ubersuggest is a best Ahref alternative made by Neil Patel.

Till now it was 100% free, recently Neel Patel has maid it  75% free and 25% paid.

So we can consider it as a free Keyword research tool.

Also, you can do all the things that Ahref can do.

If you are a new blogger and you have a low budget you can go for it. 

You will be surprised how much data you can get for free.

2) SEMrush



SEMrush is a very similar ahrefs alternatives  tool.

It also shows accurate data as similar to Ahref and pricing is also similar between SEMrush and Ahref tool.

Same like Ahref in this tool we can do Following operations

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Rank tracking 
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Domain Comparison
  • Site audit
  • On-site site optimization
  • PPC research

This is also a paid tool like Ahref but it is a different type of marketing toolkit.

You can do large similar things as you can do on Ahref.

Just as we can add projects in Ahref, similarly we can add projects in SEMrush too.

It gives you very similar stats as ahref, I found that data a little bit more accurate than ahref.

SEMrush is a little bit more accurate with keyword research than Ahref. But These tools  are not always accurate.

SEMrush and Ahref both tool provides the same information to us but  PPL research will be better in SEMrush.

SEMrush Pricing
SEMrush pricing
SEMrush pricing

As you open the SEMrush pricing page you can see three plans.

First is Pro plan which will cost $99.95 per month, second Guru plan which will cost $199.95 per month and third plan which is Business Plan which costs $399.95 per month.

Also, you can get 7 days free trial on SEMrush.


3) KWFinder 


KWFinder is the best tool for keyword research.
It offers 10 days free trial to you in which you get 5 searches each day.

It is cheaper than other tools and affordable options if you can't spend more money on a tool.

In the KWFinder tool you can find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty.

Like other tools, it also gives you the Following functions.

  • KWFinder -Keyword research
  • SERP checker - SERP analysis
  • SERP watcher - Rank tracking
  • Link Miner - Backlink Analysis
  • SiteProfiler - Seo metrics and insights

The strongest point of KWFinder is their specific keyword difficulty score. The keyword difficulty score is much more accurate.

In a certain range of most parts you can get a good idea actually we can rank on that keyword or not.

Obviously, no keyword tool is perfect, but we can trust them at a certain range.

It is not costlier like other tools you can get it on $25 per month.

4) Keyword Keg

ahrefs alternatives
Free ahref alternative
Keyword keg is also a ahrefs free alternative Keyword research tool.

This tool is focused on Keyword research only.

You can find long-tail keywords, related keywords.

This tool is not completely free, it gives you some Keyword's free like your searched Keyword and its related Keyword.

If you want to get more related Keyword's you have to purchase their paid plans.

5) Google Keyword Planner: Keyword Research
Free Ahref alternative
Free ahref alternative

If you are looking for a free tool for keyword research, Google Keyword Planner is a free alternative to ahrefs

Google Keyword Planner not used for keyword difficulty.

The keyword Difficulty that appears there with low, medium, and high, it is not SEO difficulty of your keywords.

The tool is specially designed with a prospector from Advertisers.

Google's keyword planner shows the difficulty of the keyword on which Ads that comes from AdSense, and difficulty of that particular keyword you want to bid.

Seo competition is different and advert competition is different.

Google Keyword Planner will help you with the ideas of keywords, and for the search volume of that keyword.

Google Keyword Planner shows you the range of search volume which are impressions that are coming on that keyword.

6) Keyword Surfer

Ahrefs alternatives
Free alternatives to Ahref

Keyword  Surfer is a free ahref alternative that you can use for keyword research.

Surfer is a Google Chrome extension with the help of this you can find search volume of keywords, keyword cpc, and related keyword ideas.

In this, you will also show Global Search Volume and Country Wise Search Volume will also show.

You can turn on the mode as you wish.

7) WMS Everywhere

ahrefs alternatives
Free alternative to ahref

Wms everywhere is completely ahrefs free alternative now and it works similar to Keyword Everywhere.

It also a Google Chrome Extension that you can add to your Chrome Browser and use it.

Wms everywhere show you country wise search volume and CPC only.

It does not show the global search volume.

It shows related keywords to your main Keyword.

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