Top 10 Ahrefs Alternatives for keyword Research

Most of people's trust on Ahref, SEMrush and Moz tool, But there are more alternative you can use for your seo.

It avoids those shortcomings for others looking for an Ahrefs alternative. Sure, Ahrefs can provide excellent and valuable marketing insights, but this is not the only or best option available today.

I wanted to know if Ahrefs was a tool to use in my marketing campaign or if there was another. I also wanted to use several software applications to meet my needs.

Below are some thoughts I have when comparing options and options for Ahrefs. If you're wondering about Ahrefs options or why someone would pay more for marketing software, I'll explain it all below.
What are Ahrefs?
Ahrefs is a tool designed for website owners to understand how to be more successful with improved SEO (search engine optimization).

This helps them monitor backlinks, keyword rankings, as well as analyze keyword search volumes and trends over time.

Ahrefs is not just about looking at the property of website owners, but also checking their website and comparing it to other similar sites.

By reviewing competition, the tool tool helps website owners find out where they can improve and achieve the level of success they desire.

Ahrefs is a suite of different tools, so if you want to change the whole thing at once, it's hard to find alternatives to Ahrefs.

We also investigated low-cost options or free alternatives to Ahrefs that replace one or more functions of the tool below.
What specific functions do Ahrefs serve?

Ahrefs come together as a bunch of useful tools and powerful web tools.

Below is a list of features that Ahrefs offers to its customers. These must be delivered at least once to replace the tool.

To evaluate a competitor

When you search a keyword that you want to rant Ahref tool gives you top 10 pages that are already ranking on it.
Also gives their search volume and their number of backlinks. It helps you to analysis on your competitors sites.
Ahref tool helps you to find out what your competitors are doing to rank on this Keyword.

Keyword research

Ahref generates millions of keyword ideas across 170 countries.
If you search any keyword in Ahref  you will get exact keyword difficulty,  monthly search volume, return rate.
Ahref keyword explorer also gives you information about global search volume, exact cpc of keyword and keyword ideas.

Backlink research

Ahref is best tool for Backlink research because it gives you in depth results of websites.
You can find out backlinks of your competitors sites and pages.
It will give you number of backlinks and also gives you DA and PA of that sites.
Definitely it will helps you to beat your competitors.

Track keyword rank

In Ahref you can see ranking history of all  of your pages for  any keyword.
Your keyword position is moving up or going down you can see in Ahref tool.
It gives you exact number of position of your keyword on Google.

So we have found some beat free and paid ahref alternatives for keyword research.

1) Ubersuggest



Ubersuggest is a best Ahref alternative made by Neil Patel.
Till now it was 100% free, recently Neel Patel has maid it  75% free and 25% paid.
So we can consider it as free Keyword research tool.
Also you can do all the things that Ahref can do.
If you are new blogger and you have low budget you can go for it.You will be surprised that how much data you can get for free.

2) SEMrush



SEMrush is very similar alternative for ahref tool. It is also show accurate data as similar to Ahref and pricing is also similar between SEMrush and Ahref tool.

Same like Ahref in this tool we can do Following operations

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Rank tracking 
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Domain Comparison
  • Site audit
  • On-site site optimization
  • PPC research

This is also a paid tool like Ahref but it is different type of marketing toolkit.
You can do large similar things as you can do on Ahref.
Just as we can add projects in Ahref, similarly we can add projects in SEMrush too.
It gives you very similar stats as ahref, I found that data little bit more accurate than ahref.

SEMrush is a little bit more accurate with keyword research than Ahref. But These tools  are not always accurate.

SEMrush and Ahref both tool provides same information to us but  PPL research will be more better in SEMrush.

SEMrush Pricing

As you open semrush pricing page you can see three plans.
First is Pro plan which will cost $99.95 per month, second Guru plan which will cost $199.95 per month and third plan which is Business Plan which costs $399.95 per month.
Also you can get 7 days free trial on SEMrush.

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3) KWFinder 


KWFinder is best tool for keyword research.
It offers 10 days free trial to you in which you get 5 searches each day.
It is a cheaper than other tools and affordable option if you cant spend more money on tool.
In KWFinder tool you can find long tail keywords with low seo difficulty.
Like other tools it also gives you Following functions.

  • KWFinder -Keyword research
  • SERP checker - SERP analysis
  • SERP watcher - Rank tracking
  • Link Miner - Backlink Analysis
  • SiteProfiler - Seo metrics and insights

The strongest point of KWFinder is their specific keyword difficulty score. Keyword difficulty score is much more accurate.
In a certain range of most part you can get good idea actually we can rank on that Keyword or not.
Obviously no keyword tool is perfect, but we can trust them at certain range.
Its not costlier like other tools you can get it on $25 per month.

3) Serpstat



If you care about backlink analysis and keyword rank alerts, you should get Ahrefs.
Serpstat is a tool designed to check your site's statistics and give you a clean report on your progress.

This could end up being one of the more efficient options for ahaerofs for all the ways it was built.

Sarpastat has many great features:
Unlimited users at no extra cost
Monitor keyword rankings for yourself and competitors
Identify key competitors
Domain vs Domain Compare
Analyze up to 200 domains in a batch
Get content ideas, look for potential traffic and social shares for content ideas
Analyze PPC information, look for competitors for PPC
Keyword research

With SerpState on your side, it becomes easier for you to track your keyword rank and backlink statistics every day.

You can compare your site with your competitors. There are powerful tools for keyword comparison between pay-per-click, backlink and domain.

There is also a batch-comparison tool that allows you to compare 200 domains at once in the batch process.

If you are looking for a tool to monitor the progress of your site, Serpstat works well.

You can use the tool for additional purposes, such as keyword research and for generating content ideas, but this is not too much and the main reason why you don't get this software.

4) Majestic



Majestic is a powerful SEO tool designed primarily for backlinking data. The price varies with the service depending on your needs.

It starts at half the cost of Ahrefs at the lowest level, and this high powered Pro version comes at a very low Ahrefs subscription price today.

With Royal you have access to the following capabilities:

1)Gather backlink data for websites
2)Analyze backlink differences across sites
3)See backlink overlap between sites
4)Analyze on-page ranking factors
5)Bulk backlink analysis
6 )Keywordresearch
7)Keyword rank tracking

Overall, Majestic is one of the more distinctive Aheroff options. It all focuses on backlink tracking and analytics, but it lacks in keyword research capabilities, as well as rank tracking if you choose a high-cost plan.

5) SEO Power Suite

SEO Power Suite

SEO Power Suite

The SEO Power Suite is an exciting tool that offers a mix of features offered by Ahrefs, and is one of the more affordable alternatives to Ahrefs.

This tool performs keywords, backlinks, SEO audits, content optimization and more, and is free for an affordable one-time purchase cost or if you are ready to use fewer features at a less powerful level. Does.

The software suite provides the following features:

1)Keyword research
2)Keyword rank tracking
3)Onsite Cio Audit
4)Content Optimization Help
5)Backlink auditing

All of these capabilities are available for free, but if you pay the same price for a professional version, you will unlock the full power of the software for a lifetime.

It's a powerful tool, and it works surprisingly well for the cost. Of course, you don't get every feature of Aherefs, but you still get a lot for your money. Most SEO professionals need more than enough tools to keep them running longer.

6) Monitorbacklinks



This tool is for keyword and backlink monitoring only. It stands out because it is affordable and it gives you daily backlinks and keyword rank updates.

To get daily updates from Ahrefs, you have to pay for the highest priced plan. You can get this tool through Ahrefs for the lowest cost of 1 / 6th of the top plan cost and get daily updates.

In fact, you get updates about far less competitors and lesser-known information. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Ahre's MonitorBacklinks, it's a good tool to use for backlinks and keyword rank alerts.
Free choice for Ahrefs

While it is almost impossible to find a free tool that replaces all of Ahrefs' functionality, there are free Ahrefs options that offer one or two functions from the tool at least in some small capacity.

Below is a list of free tools you can look for at Ahrefs free or alternative to more affordable options.

You can use these tips when starting your business or trying to save money, as a long-term solution to your needs, at least for a while. 

7) Open Link Profiler: Backlink Analysis

Open Link Profiler

Open Link Profiler

OpenLink Profiler is a tool to analyze the website's backlinks. It is not designed to compare the link profiles of most sites and does not provide the depth of information available for some other devices.

If you are looking for a way to analyze the website's backlinks, you can see where they are coming from and even export those links using this online tool.

It's easy to use - most people can understand it in just a few minutes, and it's a great place to start where competitors are trying to figure out where to get their backlinks.

The important difference is that you don't get backlink updates with Ahrefs and you get very little data about backlinks, especially for large websites.

However, you won't find much difference when looking at small or new sites.

8 ) Google Keyword Planner: Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

When searching for a free tool to do keyword research, Google's Keyword Planner tool is hard to beat.

As long as you have a Google Adsense account, you can gain access to the Keyword Planner and view different keywords and use how competitive those terms are.

This tool is packed with useful information. The main problem people have is that understanding all the data can be challenging. If you want to get started with keyword search without spending money, Keyword Planner is a great way to go.

Once you're ready to spend money, you can find a tool with a simpler interface and more useful comparative features to help you get better keyword recommendations.
Snake: Keyword Rank Tracking

As a website owner, you need to keep track of the keyword rank of the various keywords you are targeting.

Not only is it motivating to see keyword improvement, it also helps you understand when you are making the right decision for your website.

9) Serps Keyword Rank Tracking

Serps Keyword Rank Tracking

             Serps  Keyword Rank Tracking

Serps is one of Ahrefs free options for keyword rank tracking.

This tool allows you to view keyword rank in a specific domain on Google or Yahoo.

It's cumbersome to use, but it's better than nothing, as Ahrefs lists every rank you want to track when listing your rankings and their postings.

If you're using it, make a list of all the keywords to monitor in a spreadsheet or something.

To check your rank, you enter a keyword and your domain, and after a while you get rank information. You need to do this for every keyword you want to track, which is slow, but it works.

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