Advanced seo settings for 2020 for blogger and WordPress Using your site's search bar

Advanced seo settings for 2020
Advanced seo settings for 2020

If you have a search bar, you should know what your users are doing with it. Their search query will tell you a lot about what they want to find on your site.

You can optimize your pages for these questions, or even create new pages if users are looking for things you haven't done yet.

9. Create a local link

When one site links to another, it tells Google: “These people have relevant content! It is valuable to our customers! "

At least that’s how it is when everyone is playing by the rules.

What do you think when local resources consider your business site relevant?

Your site will get an increase in ranking.

Research sites that share a niche with you - backlinks from there are very valuable. You can see many examples of such sites in the content submission tool.

What sites should you visit?

Local forums

News Portal

Blog about local events

Sites for other businesses

Business Directory

It's also a good idea to check the backlinks of your local competitors - their linking domains can also help you.

Find those domains with competitor Backlink Spy.

10. Use exclusive NAP (U) citizenship

Contact information for business serves two purposes. This is:

Allows potential customers to contact the business.

Can be considered as its unique identifier.

Why is it important?

Some businesses have the same name or address as another business. In rare cases, they may have the same phone number.

However, sharing all of the above is impossible for any two businesses. You will not confuse them as long as you have this information.

And if you don't have it? Problems arise.

Here is an example.

Explain that there are two movie theaters of the same name, but in different cities. You have their phone numbers, but you forget which theater you are from.

You have a theater name and two numbers. How do you know which phone to call to book a seat?

This is not a difficult problem, but it is a big inconvenience.

NAP (U) or UNAP citations are very important. These include your business name, address, phone number, and website URL address.

Fill in this information on your site.

Fill it in Google My Business and other business listing sites.

If this change happens, make sure to change it everywhere!

While you're at it, here's an easy way to add extra oomph to your quotes: embedding Google Maps with your location on your site.

11. Solve technical problems

Can you get a better user experience on your site if you work hard?

I can't imagine anyone saying "yes".

Unless you make a deliberate effort on your site, it may suffer from unique, funny flaws. If not, your site errors are annoying and horrible.

(Although nothing prevents you from creating a fun 404 page, it is actually encouraged.)

Scan your site for errors and fix it for you with technical audit tools.

If you have a slow site it can return false positive errors, and you can adjust the scanning speed if the scanning tool becomes too fast.

12. Optimize your site for mobile

How big is the mobile web?

It's fair to say that PCs compete with mobile devices for online traffic, not the other way around.

However, the two often work together: consumers see a product on a mobile device and switch to PC to make purchases. Only through this fact, I can offer two suggestions:

Don't worry if bounce rates are high and CTRs are low when checking mobile traffic.

Make your site mobile-friendly so you can persuade customers to close the deal - without switching to a PC.

Now to achieve mobile friendship. There is a lot of work to do, but all of this will make it easier to use your site on mobile devices.

Since you don't usually create two separate sites for mobile devices and PCs (at least you don't), your site needs to be optimized for both. Already a puzzle, don't you agree?

But here are all the steps needed.

A large, easy-to-read text.

High quality images with minimum file size.

Mobile Responsive Design.

Reduced page load time.

Spacing between text, links and paragraphs of interactive elements.

You need to check your progress at some point. When you test your site with a mobile optimization tool.

Also, try to use your site to make a final decision. Bonus points if you check your site from multiple devices with different size screens.

There is still much to do for local SEO. Download the complete guide below and get more than double the number of SEO tips, techniques and strategies to grow your business.

Do not set such a redirect.

Only use high quality translations of humans

The native-speaking translator beats a machine all day, every day.

Don't screw up; There are so many stories about people who find themselves embarrassed by the lack of choice of words in a foreign language.

Invest in high-quality translations made by someone who knows what they are writing.

Do not use country flags or names in your language options menu

Here is another fraudulent mistake: they confuse the nation's flag with the languages ​​they accurately represent. People migrate across the planet to live.

It is difficult to name a country where they speak the same language. Therefore, when you create a language options menu on your site, you should not rely on country names and flags to indicate options.

Now if you use language names instead, there is no risk of mistakes. Check out such a list and the person will know immediately what to choose.

Allow local currency usage:

This is good advice for e-commerce site owners: You get more customers this way.

The dollar is used worldwide, but people are more comfortable with their country's official currency. If your payment processor allows this, give them a chance to pay with it.

Optimize for local search engine

While Google is used everywhere, most countries have their own popular search engines. Therefore, it is good to research those search engines and learn how to rank them.

Before you start worrying, know that there are many of them