Pubg Mobile New update 0.16.0 release date announced and top new features leaked
Erangel map 2.0 and new death race mode

Pubg mobile new update
Pubg Mobile New Update

Release Date:

 Pubg mobile new update 0.16.0 Will release on 11 December.
Yes friends, Pubg has announced that this version will come in the global version on December 11.
There will be 2 new maps to be seen in Pubg Mobile New Update 0.16.0.You will see this map in Evoground mode.
 Ragegear TDM aur Ragegear Pick-up are both going to be very popular.Pubg released official Video of this.
Pubg Mobile Erangel 2.0
Pubg Mobile Death race mode

It looks we have a tendency to square measure set to urge a replacement PUBG Mobile new update 0.16.0 that is ready to feature quite an few new options.
Though players are craving for the new and improved Erangel a pair of.0 map on the mobile version of the sport, we have a tendency to might not see that nonetheless. According to leaks by Mr Ghost recreation, the future PUBG Mobile new update 0.16.0 can add a replacement Death Race Mode and TPP to FPP Switch choice.
The most well-liked read mode on PUBG Mobile is that the TPP that stands for person Perspective. While the FPP mode that stands for person Perspective isn't as standard. This is as a result of the TPP mode permits players to examine on the far side obstacles thanks to the vantage of the camera. The FPP mode offers no such advantage and players need to use their audio sense to detect enemies around. Presently PUBG Mobile permits players to pick out that mode they need to play before the match, and match them with others with a similar preference.
We’re undecided however this new feature are enforced. It may be that Tencent Games may be symptom the 2 modes into one and let players select in-game that perspective they need. This could be as a result of FPP doesn't have enough players, however it might additionally work to primarily kill the FPP mode.
Since, the winters square measure here, the devs will apparently be adding snow to some areas of the Erangel map. Besides the snow in several areas, snow covered loot boxes will be found, along with ski lift/trolley towers and snow-boards for players. Surprisingly the snow-boards work on all surfaces.
And there's a replacement mode returning in addition known as Death Race mode that is basically a vehicle solely mode. Players and teams will race around in a small track with heavy weapons trying to take each other out. There will be crates strewn on the map which will facilitate players.
A switch from TPP to FPP is now also available
Dubbed 0.16.0, the update can go together with new modes and options like EVOGround, TPP (third person perspective) to FPP (First person perspective) switch, a new Death Race mode and even snow in the Erangel map. These updates offer players associate degree early investigate what new options and additions are accessible on the future official public rollout.
First detailed by Youtuber Mr. Ghost play, these options conjointly embody 2 new modes extra in EvoGround known as ‘RageGear-TDM’ and ‘RageGear-PickUp’. Moving on to the assorted new modes, first up is Death Race mode where players will be placed on a small racecourse (in vehicles) where they’ll have to fight their opponents to the death. Another new addition is the ability to switch between FPP and TPP, instantly. There will be atiny low ‘switch’ icon that seems on all-time low of your screen wherever you'll faucet on that to vary between the various views.
We’ve also got snow now in Erangel. Even though this isn’t the primary map to be coated in snow, Vikendi has that honour, Erangel now receives a snowy update. Not all the map is covered in snow though. There will be many areas wherever there's no snow covering. On the areas that are snow-covered though, you’ll be able to see trolley towers and ski lifts as well. Players will also be able to travel down the map using ski-boards but this feature will only be available for a limited time.
So, what can we glean from this info? Well, for one issue, these changes are creating their thanks to the general public version of the sport shortly. Watch this space for more info on PUBG:Mobile.

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Erangel Map 2.0

According to a new video by Mr. Ghost play, the new update in Gregorian calendar month can bring the abundant expected Erangel two.0. This is the reworked version of the popular map that has already hit the PC and console versions. In the unit of time we tend to area unit set to urge the zero.15.5 update which can apparently bring a replacement map for TDM mode. The 0.15.5 update will apparently also bring the new Mp5k SMG to the game with Season 10 Royale Pass.
The new Erangel seen in the video has more defined grass and better texture for the greenery in general. And this includes the trees, which can clearly be seen with the Pine trees in the game. The reworked Erangel is apparently ready to release for the Beta version of the game in China. And once it released in the main Chinese game we can expect it for the global version. Hence he deduces that the new map can be expected with the PUBG Mobile new update 0.16.0 in December.
The newest update to hit PUBG Mobile is that the zero.15.0 that options the new Desert Eagle piece and BRDM-2 amphibian. Besides these we have two more features that were added with the same update. The two new features are exploding barrels or gas cans and the ledge grab feature. These were already introduced in the PC version of the game first, and then on the console and now it hit the mobile version.
A new mode has also been added called the Payload Mode which was previously announced. This new mode will see players get access to rocket launchers, grenade launchers and mini-guns. Players will also be able to zip around the map using helicopters and collect mega loot crates.
PUBG house and Tencent area unit performing on variety of recent options for the popular Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile. The company shared some details concerning the new options at the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split international Finals. As a part of a replacement report, the company will roll out a new death race mode Rage Gear . In addition to the present, the company is also working on a color-blind mode. Rage Gear can begin rolling get into some of days whereas the color-blind mode can launch next year. Tencent shared more details regarding the feature.
PUBG Mobile Rage Gear mode and color-blind choice details
According to a report from Dot Esports, Tencent issued a statement sharing the reason behind the color-blind mode. Vincent Wang, the General Manager for Global Publishing at Tencent Games spoke regarding the mode at PMCO. As per wish, Tencent wants to make the game more open and accessible to a larger group of gamers. Switching back the gears, Tencent and PUBG Corp were excited to reveal the new Evo-ground mode known as Rage Gear. This mode may be a death race mode that recently leaked on-line.
During PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring finals, fans had got an impression of the revamped version of the existing map, Erangel 2.0. It was in August that the manager producer at PUBG house., TS Jang while giving an update about the PC version of the game had teased about the new map. He had given a walkthrough briefly touching on the possibility of a revised version of the Erangel map hitting in the near future.
Erangel is considered to be the oldest map in the game, the one with which PUBG originated. Erangel 1.0, titled Erangel visual update, reached the fans after one year of its launch. The devs had brought enhancements in its visual appeal. Textures, grass and map were completely reworked. Now it is the right time to “Erangel is becoming more beautiful than ever before!” we've exciting news on its arrival timeline.
Erangel 2.0 may simply land anytime in Gregorian calendar month 2019.
In a YouTube video posted by Mr Ghost Gaming, promo from PUBG Mobile showcasing Erangel 2.0 can be seen. The video reveals the revamped version of the map. The details captured gives a feeling that it will make its way to the game sooner than expected.
In the video, as anticipated, the visual layout looks more realistic and lively. The reflections from the surfaces, mountain peaks and pine trees and tall, dense grass add to the ingenuity. The texture of the grass is more green around this time. Players are shown running around on a lookout for opponents.